“Music For Pixels” – FAQs

1. What is the “Music For Pixels” campaign?

The Music For Pixels campaign is a groundbreaking online collaboration between The Pixel Project and eight rising YouTube artistes to harness and synergise the power of music and social media to raise awareness about violence against women (VAW) while raising funds for the cause in a way that is easy on donor/supporter pockets especially in these tough times!

This annual campaign features some of the best new international artistes performing songs with positive and uplifting messages to bolster the spirits of survivors of VAW while inspiring men and women around the world step up to stop VAW in their communities.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can download the songs for their listening pleasure and personal inspiration for the pocket-friendly prices of US$0.99 – US$1.29 and a percentage of the net proceeds go towards our Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign.

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2. How does the “Music For Pixels” campaign work?

Starting from April 2012, we will introduce and promote a YouTube artiste as “Artiste of the Month” together with the song he/she has contributed to the campaign as more they come on board.

For example: AHMIR is our “Artiste of the Month” for April 2012 with their cover of the classic Bette Midler song, The Rose. Throughout the month, our Street Team will work with AHMIR, their fans and our supporters to get the word out about the song and to spread the call-to-action via social media to the global audience to stop violence against women even if it is just downloading the song to help us raise funds!

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3. When did “Music For Pixels” start?

We launched the campaign on 1 April 2012.

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4. How long is the “Music For Pixels” campaign?

The campaign is an ongoing campaign.

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5. Who are this year’s “Music for Pixels” artistes?

We have launched the campaign with AHMIR, the #1 R&B band on YouTube and more artistes will be announced in the coming months as the campaign develops.

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6. How much does each download cost?

Depending on where you download the song and on the licensing/royalty fee we have to pay, you can get it for between US$0.99 – US$1.29.

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7. I tried downloading from iTunes but my country isn’t eligible. Help!

Supporters from most countries around the world will be able to download the song from iTunes but for those of you who can’t do so due to regional restrictions, we will provide alternative channels you can access to buy the song. The alternative channels vary depending on the artiste.

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8. Exactly how much of the song price goes to your Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign?

We make customised arrangements with each artiste regarding the percentage of net proceeds that will be donated to the Pixel Reveal campaign. Our share of the proceeds can be anything from 20% to 100% of the net proceeds.

The rest of the song price goes towards paying the appropriate royalties to publishers/songwriters, licensing and distribution fees and helping the artiste cover their costs.

We will announce the exact percentage or amount per download each month as a new artiste debuts.

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9. How will the funds raised be used?

The funds raised through the campaign will be processed via our customised donation portal that reveals the pixels that make up the portrait of our first Celebrity Male Role Model which is a well-loved Nobel Laureate. (Every $1.00 processed reveals a single pixel and we have ONE MILLION PIXELS to reveal!).

Once the funds are processed, they are automatically collected to go towards NCADV and WAO’s programmes including operations costs for WAO’s shelter for battered women and NCADV’s facial reconstruction programme for domestic violence survivors.

For a detailed breakdown of where the money raised goes, check out our breakdowns page.

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10. I want to buy pixels directly instead of buying the song. Where do I go to do that?

Easy! Go to our pixel purchase page, fill in your details and payment details (credit card only) and then click to buy! You can then click to download the receipt at the payment confirmation page.

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11. I want to directly donate to The Pixel Project. Where do I go to do that?

We collect donations for our operations expenses via Razoo who make it super easy for you to donate online. Here is our Razoo donation page.

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