The “Sing For Jyoti” Project: Submission Guidelines

Sheet Music 2_croppedThe “Sing For Jyoti” Project is open to music artistes from anywhere in the world as long as the song is submitted in the form of a YouTube music video.

Each music artiste is allowed to submit only one music video.

Note: For those submitting cover songs – we will not accept any video using the original song as the background music for a video. You or your band must perform and interpret the song yourself.


In accordance with our work to stop Violence Against Women, we ask that the songs be powerful, positive and uplifting songs for women, girls and survivors of gender-based violence. Lyrical themes that can build on this framework can include:

  • Hope 
  • Love
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Female empowerment


1. All participating artistes must have or open a YouTube account to upload their entry for participation. Entries from any other video site will not be accepted.

2. The Pixel Project and all our campaigns re G-rated, non-violent and family-friendly, so we request that there be none of the following in the music videos/songs:

  • Foul, inflammatory, triggering or violent language
  • Nudity – gratuitous or otherwise.
  • Racist, sexist or any other discriminatory images, symbols or language
  • Violent or triggering imagery/symbols including weapons (knives, guns etc), scenes of violence and gory/bloody scenes.

Please note that we also do not accept songs with religious lyrics or affiliations because we are a non-religious nonprofit that has no affiliation to any religion.

3. All submitted covers must have vocals. This is because the lyrics of the selected songs are important for spreading the message of empowerment and non-violence.

All music videos should be in English or, if bilingual, should have English as one of the languages.

Any instrumentals-only covers will be automatically disqualified.

4. All contestants must include the set text for raising awareness about Violence Against Women in the “About” section under their video submission.

The set text is available to download from the submission page for your use or you can download it here.

Any submission without the set text in the “About” section will be automatically disqualified.

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