The “Sing For Jyoti” Project: Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the “Sing For Jyoti” project?

The “Sing For Jyoti” project is a music video gallery that collects and showcases YouTube music videos of original and cover songs saying NO to violence against women. The gallery is named after Jyoti Singh Pandey, the Delhi Gang Rape victim, to honour her courage in fighting for her life until the very end.

2. Why name the project after Jyoti Singh Pandey? Why not another high-profile rape case?

We have specifically chosen to name the “Sing For Jyoti” project in honour of Jyoti Singh Pandey because her horrific case has been a tremendous force in raising awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) by bringing it to the attention of the worldwide audience. She has become a potent symbol because she put a name, face and human story to the horror of gender-based violence that makes it far more difficult for anyone to sweep the issue under the carpet.

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3. Who is eligible for the music gallery?

Music artistes worldwide are welcome to submit their music video as long as they adhere to our submission guidelines.

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4. Why YouTube? Why not Vimeo or another video-based social networking site?

Because the overall Music For Pixels campaign is a YouTube-based campaign.

In addition, YouTube is currently the second largest search engine in the world, making it easier for us and participating artistes to spread the word about saying NO to violence against women

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5. How do I submit my music video?

It’s easy: just go to our submission page, make sure your video follows the guidelines, fill in the submission form and click the ‘submit’ button!

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6. What is the submission period?

You have 3 entire months to submit your music video: 18 March – 30 November 2013.

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7. May I submit my song as an MP3 instead of a music video?

Songs must be submitted as music videos because the “Sing For Jyoti” tribute gallery is a YouTube music video gallery.

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8. May I submit a song in a language other than English?

We encourage all participating artistes to submit their songs and covers in English as English is currently the most widely understood language.

You can, however, submit a bi-lingual music video in English and one additional language. You will, however, need to provide the English translation of lyrics that are in other languages in your “About” section underneath the set text.

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9. If I have uploaded the music video before the submission period, may I still submit it for the gallery?

Yes, you may submit your music video. However, you will need to cut and paste the set text (see Step 3 on the submission page) into the ‘About’ session.

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10. Is there anything else artistes need to keep in mind when creating the music videos and songs for submission?

We’d love for you to show us how creative you can get but please remember that due to the anti-violence work The Pixel Project does, all submitted videos must be family-friendly: No foul language, nudity or violent imagery/symbols (e.g. knives, guns, gore, blood etc) that may trigger PTSD in survivors of violence.

Any submitted video that contains any of the attributes listed above will be automatically disqualified.

Do also familiarise yourself with the submission guidelines before you create your submission.

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