The Music For Pixels Digital Album – FAQs

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1. How did the Music For Pixels digital album come into being?

The Music For Pixels 2014 charity digital album was created to harness the power of positive music to say NO to violence against women in collaboration with some of the best of today’s most talented YouTube artistes and independent singer-songwriters.

The album aims to lift the spirits of women and girls worldwide while being a powerful counterpoint to the rampant misogyny and violence expressed through much of today’s popular music. It is the collective hope of The Pixel Project and the album artistes that the album will inspire listeners to take that first step towards getting their community to take action to stop

It is also a companion release to the “30 Artistes, 30 Songs, 30 Days” project that counted down to the launch of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign on International Women’s Day 2014.

2. Violence Against Women is a grim subject. Is this reflected in the type of songs are featured on the “Music For Pixels” digital album?

The songs on the album are specially selected or written to boost the spirits of women and girls who have experienced and survived VAW and to bring a little hope in their lives. To ensure this is achieved, participating artistes are required to write/perform/cover female-friendly songs which have positive, uplifting messages conveying hope, strength and courage even while they cover subjects ranging from escaping domestic violence to women’s empowerment.

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3. Some of the participating artistes have created music videos to go with their song on the album. Will these videos contain any triggering images for survivors?

No. As with our requirements for the songs themselves, all artistes are required to ensure that their music videos do not contain any violent or provocative imagery or sounds that may trigger survivors.

This is part of our commitment to always running positive forward-looking campaigns which also respect survivors by not using triggering or violent content that capitalise on their pain and could trigger their PTSD.

You can watch some of the music videos and have a listen to some of the songs on the album here.

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4. When will the digital album be available?

The album is available for download from all major online music stores including iTunes and Amazon for a limited period of 12 months to help raise both awareness and funds for the cause. The release dates will run from 1 April 2014 – 1 April 2015.

5. I would like to buy the album. How much is it and where can I go download it?

The album is priced between US$6.99 to US$11.99 depending on the online retailer, and is available for download worldwide. You can download it from iTunes or or any major online digital music retailer Just search for “Music For Pixels”.

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6. Who are the album artistes?

The album is headlined by AHMIR – YouTube’s #1 R&B group and The Pixel Project’s YouTube Music Ambassador – and features 12 independent artistes from a wide range of musical genres including Adam Web, AJ Rafael, Bob Sima, Courtney Jenae, Debbie Reifer, Delaney Gibson, Ellis, Macy Kate, Mary Scholz, Pete Ahonen, and Troy Horne.

To learn more about the artistes, check our our “Meet The Artiste” gallery here.

7. Who will the funds raised benefit?
All proceeds from Music For Pixels digital downloads (including the album) go towards supporting The Pixel Project‘s work to end violence against women.

7. I am an artiste and I would like to take part in future music campaigns by The Pixel Project. How can I do so?

Thank you for your interested in joining our Music For Pixels programme. To be eligible, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must have no personal history of violence towards anybody.
  • Are able to (or have resources to) record, produce and edit your own music tracks and music videos.
  • Already written or are prepared to write or cover a suitable song.
  • Are prepared to work together with The Pixel Project and other participating artistes to promote the campaign.

To be eligible for consideration for the next digital album or any of our music campaigns, your song must have the following attributes:

  • Lyrics that carry positive messages and themes of surviving violence against women, peace, doing good and empowerment (particularly for women).
  • Sung in English.
  • We are G-rated and family-friendly: No foul language, nudity or violent imagery/symbols (e.g. knives, guns etc)

Please note that we get a steady stream of submissions and so your song may be considered but there is no guarantee of selection.

To contact us to submit a song (in MP3 format) for consideration, email us at

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