YouTube Cover Carnival: Rules of the Contest

Who is Eligible

1. The YouTube Cover Carnival contest is a global contest open to:

  • Up-and-coming/new/independent artistes who wish to use their musical talent to say NO to Violence Against Women.
  • Up-and-coming/new/independent bands/choirs/singing groups who wish to use their musical talent to say NO to Violence Against Women.
  • Amateur/informal singers/musicians who wish to use their musical talent to say NO to Violence Against Women.
  • Amateur/informal bands/choirs/singing groups who wish to use their musical talent to say NO to Violence Against Women.

2. Previous YouTube Cover Carnival Grand Prize winners are NOT be eligible to compete for the prizes as they have previously won the Grand Prize Package and The Pixel Project is committed to ensuring that a different new/up-and-coming artiste will benefit from the Grand Prize Package in each contest.

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1. Each contestant is only allowed to submit ONE entry. Multiple entries will automatically disqualify the contestant.

2. If there are two or more songs to choose from, each contestant may only choose ONE song to cover.

3. To be eligible, the contestant’s video must be uploaded to YouTube at any point during the submission period on the submission page.

4. Contestants who happened to have recorded the song before the contest period will be required to re-upload their cover during the contest period before submitting it according to the submission process.

Any submitted videos uploaded before or after the submission period will be automatically disqualified.

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1. All YouTube Cover Carnival contestants must have or open a YouTube account to upload their entry for participation.

Entries from any other video site will not be accepted.

2. The Pixel Project and all our campaigns including the YouTube Cover Carnival contest is G-rated, non-violent and family-friendly, so we request that there be none of the following:

  • Foul, inflammatory, triggering or violent language
  • Nudity – gratuitous or otherwise.
  • Racist, sexist or any other discriminatory images, symbols or language
  • Violent or triggering imagery/symbols including weapons (knives, guns etc), scenes of violence and gory/bloody scenes.

Any entry containing any of the above will be automatically disqualified.

3. All submitted covers must have vocals. This is because the lyrics of the selected songs are important for spreading the message of empowerment and non-violence.

Any instrumentals-only covers will be automatically disqualified.

4. All contestants must include the set text for raising awareness about Violence Against Women in the “About” section under their video submission.

The set text is available to download from the submission page for your use or you can download it here.

Any submission without the set text in the “About” section will be automatically disqualified.

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1. All production and collaboration prizes will be done remotely. Therefore, all contestants are responsible for ensuring that they have access to facilities and/or equipment to:

  • Clearly record the various tracks of their cover (vocals, backing, beats etc).
  • Record video footage of their music videos.

The winners of prize packages that include production and/or collaboration prizes are also responsible for ensuring that these raw tracks/footage are sent/dispatched to the producers/studios providing the prizes.

This is to ensure that – should they win one of the prizes – they are able claim any production and/or collaboration prize(s).

If the winner is unable to furnish the raw material (tracks and/or video footage) within 6 months of being declared the winner, then they will automatically forfeit the production/collaboration section(s) of the prizes.

2. Winners will sign a separate contract with Lost Monkey Studio when claiming the prize offered by them. It is the winners’ responsibility to ensure that they sign their contracts in a timely manner and abide by the terms and conditions of the contract.

All winners are responsible for recording their songs and sending them to Lost Monkey Studio for placement on their TV and film catalogue.

Winners will work directly with Lost Monkey Studio.

The Pixel Project will not be involved in any of these contracts.

3. The Grand Prize winner will be required to sign a simple contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement with The Pixel Project in order to have his/her/their winning cover on their 2013 ’16 For 16′ charity digital album.

This will be separate from the YouTube Cover Carnival contest.

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The Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival competition opens at 9.00am EST, 1 February 2013 and runs until 9pm EST, 28 February 2013. To learn more about the submission process and submit an entry, check out the submission page.

To learn more about the YouTube Cover Carnival and how taking part in it helps to raise awareness about violence against women, check out our introduction page.