YouTube Cover Carnival: Past Winners Gallery

Welcome to our gallery of past YouTube Cover Carnival winners where you can watch previous winning entries for YouTube Cover Carnival contests.

We will be updating this page after every contest with new video carousels featuring the top three winners for each YouTube Cover Carnival contest once the judges’ decision has been announced.

Each and every artiste who takes part in the YouTube Cover Carnival is using their musical talent to say NO to violence against women, so listen to the music and lyrics and let it inspire you to take action to stop the violence too!

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.


Fall 2012 YouTube Cover Carnival

In addition, Grand Prize Winner The Other People have also recorded a video Public Service Announcement for The Pixel Project where they talk about the making off their winning entry and why they say NO to violence against women.


Valentine 2013 YouTube Cover Carnival

To learn more about the YouTube Cover Carnival and how taking part in it helps to raise awareness about violence against women, check out our introduction page.