About The “16 For 16” Charity Digital EP/Album

Blog Badges - AhmirThe digital EP is an annual cross-campaign initiative which is released in tandem with The Pixel Project’s 16 For 16 campaign in honour of the annual global “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence” campaign which kicks off on International Elimination of Violence Against Women Day (25 November 2012).

This initiative was created to support the cause to end violence against women in 2 ways:

1. Raising Spirits and Awareness

Music is one of the most powerful ways of spreading important social justice messages that would be difficult to talk about otherwise.As The Pixel Project’s YouTube Music Ambassador AHMIR says:

“The power of melody and harmony has the ability to compliment the sentiment behind just words. Words can definitely be powerful, but music only helps to amplify whatever message is being communicated.  Music is a powerful, powerful tool.”  

With VAW being a taboo topic in many cultures and communities, The Pixel Project and participating artistes hope that the songs on the EP will inspire listeners worldwide to become aware about VAW, break their silence and take action to stop VAW in their communities.

Beyond raising awareness about VAW, the songs on the EP are specially selected or written to boost the spirits of women and girls who have experienced and survived VAW and to bring a little hope in their lives. To ensure this is achieved, participating artistes are required to write/perform/cover female-friendly songs which have positive, uplifting messages conveying hope, strength and courage even while they cover subjects ranging from escaping domestic violence to gaining freedom from slavery to girl power.

2. Raising Funds

Every year, the EP/album will be available for download from all major online music stores including iTunes and Amazon for a limited period of approximately 6 months to help raise both awareness and funds for the cause. The release dates will run from 25 November to 31 May to cover:

  • The year-end holiday season (November – December) during which domestic violence is known to spike and when it is Female Genital Mutilation season begins in a number of African countries.
  • The Valentine season (February) during which relationship violence is known to rise.
  • International Women’s Day (March) which celebrates women and girls and examines women’s issues.
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) which aims to educate people about the issues related to preventing and stopping sexual assault.
  • Mother’s Day (May) which honours the most important woman in our lives.

Thanks to Horus Music who provides pro bono music distribution and licensing services for all Music For Pixels music,100% of the proceeds from download sales of the digital EP will go to The Pixel Project to keep their programmes and projects running.

For the 2012 and 2013 EPs, all proceeds from Music For Pixels digital downloads (including the EP) go toward supporting the development of The Pixel Project’s Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign that is currently in beta mode and is scheduled for launch in 2014. The Pixel Reveal campaign aims to raise US$1 million in benefit of the National Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceThe Pixel Project and other anti-VAW nonprofits around the world.

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