The 16 For 16 Digital EP/Album – Submission Process & Guidelines

Music artistes from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit an original or cover song for consideration for inclusion in the “16 For 16” charity digital EP.

How To Submit:

Each music artiste is allowed to submit only ONE (1) song for consideration. Artistes who submit more than one song will be automatically disqualified.

Please email your song to in the MP3 or .WAV file format. The file should be attached to the email. If your file is too big to be attached, please send it to via which is a free FTP replacement service for files of up to 2GB in size.

The subject line of the email must read “16 For 16 digital EP/album submission – [Name of Song] – [your name]” For example: 16 For 16 digital EP/album submission – Be Free – John Smith.

In your email note, please introduce yourself (including your country) and please state if your submission is an original song or cover song:

  • If it is an original song – State the songwriter(s) name(s)
  • If it is a cover song – State the name of the original artiste/band who performed the song.

Submission Deadline:

Songs may be submitted for consideration from between January and August of the year the  digital EP/album is issued.

The closing date for submissions-for-consideration for the 2013 digital EP/album is 31 August 2013.

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Notification and On-Boarding Process:

If you and your song is eligible and chosen for the digital EP/album, you will be notified via email no later than 15 September.

All selected artistes will be required to sign our standard Non Disclosure Agreement as well as our standard 16 For 16 digital EP/album artiste agreement.

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Artiste Eligibility:

To be eligible, you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must have no personal history of violence towards anybody.
  • Are able to (or have resources to) record, produce and edit your own music tracks and music videos.
  • Already written or are prepared to write or cover a suitable song.
  • Are prepared to work together with The Pixel Project and other participating artistes to promote the digital EP during the campaign.
  • Have or open a YouTube account so that they may upload their song should they be selected for the EP/album.

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Song Guidelines

1. The Pixel Project and all our campaigns re G-rated, non-violent and family-friendly, so we request that there be none of the following in the music videos/songs:

  • Foul, inflammatory, triggering or violent language
  • Nudity – gratuitous or otherwise.
  • Racist, sexist or any other discriminatory images, symbols or language
  • Violent or triggering imagery/symbols including weapons (knives, guns etc), scenes of violence and gory/bloody scenes.

Please note that we also do not accept songs with religious lyrics or affiliations because we are a non-religious nonprofit that has no affiliation to any religion.

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2. Themes

In accordance with our work to stop Violence Against Women, we ask that the songs be powerful, positive and uplifting songs for women, girls and survivors of gender-based violence. Lyrical themes that can build on this framework can include:

  • Female empowerment
  • Hope
  • Courage
  • Compassion

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3. Vocals and Lyrics are compulsory

All submitted covers must have vocals. This is because the lyrics of the selected songs are important for spreading the message of empowerment and non-violence.

All songs should be in English or, if bilingual, should have English as one of the languages.

Any instrumentals-only songs will be automatically disqualified.

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